Breads are the newest line of products from Breaking Bread Bakery. After all Bread is in our name! All of our breads are made with extreme care and patience. Unfortunately, we do not offer gluten free breads.

We take the time to make our breads right, and sometimes that means hours of time. Breads are truly an act of supreme love and care. We use the best flours, and yeasts available. We add NO preservatives, emulsifiers, or stabilizer’s to our breads. Short of being fermented, our breads are as natural as possible.

We know you can taste the difference. 


Pumpkin pie- 9 inch delicious pumpkin pie. Golden, flaky, buttery crust filled with a creamy, spiced infused pumpkin filling. Baked to perfect, and a wonderful addition to a Thanksgiving feast.
We pride ourselves in making the best products we can. We use only the best ingredients possible. Using real butter, real eggs, and real ingredients. We know that you can taste the difference.
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